Captivating Video Productionfor Small Business, Nonprofits & Creatives

Aaramba, LLC, based in Metro Atlanta, offers pre-to-post video production and live streaming services in client-friendly packages for commercial, instructional and artistic projects. Decades of professional film production and editing work in the film business, television, and varied video markets ensure that you receive a high return on your investment with every premium-quality video, designed and created to captivate your audience.


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Live Action

Aaramba can use actresses, actors, members of your organization, and/or any other personalities you choose to tell your story, educate, or entertain through live-action video.

Animation / Motion Graphics

Aaramba maintains the latest software to enhance your video with exciting visuals like creative animated videos and artistic motion graphics.

Product Videos

Aaramba offers a wealth of experience and full-production resources to create any kind of product video you require for use on your website, YouTube, or other video application.

Video Series

Aaramba presents endless options for developing a video series, whether your goal is to persuade, educate or entertain your audience. Take advantage of our subscription service to maximize the return on your investment.



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