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Aaramba's Video Packages

We offer 3 main packages for businesses looking to use video and live streaming services to market their business on their website and social media. For many businesses these are a starting point - they customise them as needed or go completely custom.

You’ll find more information on each package including examples of work and a clear pricing structure . We also offer over the phone to really get to the heart of your project and help you select what we can deliver that will give your business the best results.

We don't just offer packages - We’re always happy to quote non-package videos and live streaming options.


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Pre Production

Considered the most important and time-intensive stage of video production, the pre-production phase works out the plan that ensures the entire video production process flows smoothly.
During pre-production, our responsibilities entail concept development, establishing a timeline, scripting, storyboarding, creating a shot list or mapping what will take place in each shot or scene, and discussing the location.


The video production stage involves directing and filming on location. We take the best shots and utilize our time on location efficiently to gain maximum coverage by having the necessary, professional audio and lighting equipment on hand.

Post Production

Our post-production team enhances the audio and video we’ve captured with desired elements like logo animation, screen graphics, and text animation, as well as performs the color correction, audio sweetening, and video editing tasks. All studio recording work also takes place during post-production.

Video Packages

Aaramba offers comprehensive pre-to-post production video services in high-value packages. Contact Aaramba for details about our live action, animated, product, and subscription video packages.

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