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Headquartered in Metro Atlanta, Aaramba, LLC was established in 2016 by the accredited videographer and filmmaker Mohua Thakurta as a full-service pre-production, production, and post-production video and live streaming company for small businesses, startups, nonprofits, creatives and artists (e.g., musicians), and others seeking business, event, promotional, YouTube advertising, instructional, creative, or lifestyle videos. Technically skilled and artistically talented, our creative team will also assist you with à la carte video services, including live action shots, animation creation, motion graphics, video editing, video scripting, and more.


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  • Mohua (Mo) Thakurta - Founder, CEO, Video Producer, and Director of Atlanta video production company Aaramba

    Mohua (Mo)

    Video Producer

    From growing up in a small town in India to traveling the world, Mohua “Mo” Thakurta has acquired a personal appreciation for the diversity of places, cultures and individuals. A thirst for learning further inspires her ongoing love of teaching. Such passions, coupled with her formal education and extensive on-the-job experience, enrich her talent for breathing life into stories, stimulating the mind, and granting eye-opening moments on video.

    Settling in the United States with her boyfriend, now husband, in 2001, Mo earned her MFA from Georgia College and State University. During that time, she loved helping students produce amazing films on limited budgets. Later, in addition to landing production and editing assignments on commercial, documentary and instructional videos, Mo spent six years teaching film classes at the Art Institute of Atlanta. She also launched My Film Camp, offered in a series of instructional blogs and YouTube videos, to impart the fundamentals of filmmaking.

    As Georgia’s film industry grew, Mo realized her knack for operating with limited resources would greatly benefit clients who could not afford the rates charged by the fancy production houses. Consequently, she established Aaramaba in 2016 with a commitment to serving small businesses, startups, nonprofits, creatives and artists (e.g., musicians), and others seeking promotional, event, instructional, lifestyle and creative videos.

    In her “spare” time, Mo is the assistant director on Clarkston, Mother of Exiles, the working title of a documentary film described as “a story of the most diverse square mile in America.” Given her encounters with women who represent so many different countries and cultures, Mo has assembled a diverse team who bring invaluable perspectives, along with their technical skills and creativity, to Aaramba.

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  • Alyssa Smith -  Head Post Production Editor and Live Streaming Conductor at Atlanta video production company Aaramba

    Alyssa Smith

    Post Production & Livestreaming

    Alyssa Smith is our head editor and live streaming conductor. She has post-production experience with both narrative and corporate films. Alyssa also enjoys creating motion graphics and animation, often using Adobe After Effects and Adobe Illustrator. Having received her bachelor’s degree for Film Production at Clayton State University, Alyssa continues to hone her craft in each of these areas, including production.

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