COVID-19 has created a new normal for all of us. It’s very important that we stay in touch with our customers. Your content needs to focus on giving back to your clients. Facebook Live, long emails, videos, and images are great ways to reach out. One of the concerns when creating such content is that our clients won’t believe us in Facebook Live videos. How do I come across authentic and genuine? Getting your message in front of the right audience is key. Here are a few ways that will help when you go to Facebook Live this week.

1. You Need To Practice

A lot of people will tell you that it’s no big deal and to just talk naturally. That is the biggest rookie mistake, as most of us are not born actors that appear in front of screens on a regular basis. Jot down key points that you want to talk about. Practice in front of the mirror a few times or in front of a family member. Do this every time you go into Facebook Live or any other situation where you address the audience. This takes a little bit of effort, but it is totally worth it.  — Mediakix has stated that “According to Google Trends, search popularity for the “Facebook livestream” has risen over 330% from its inception to date with spikes in accordance to major events, publisher and influencer adoption, and New Year’s Eve (Facebook Live’s heaviest date of use so far).”

2. Background is Important

We need to connect and talk to our customers on a regular basis. When creating Facebook Live videos, pay attention to what you have in the background. A space with good lighting is essential, and a clean space is crucial. Space adds to your personality and creates trust and credibility. It keeps people focussed on you and your story.

3.Keep it Short and Succinct

We all have lots to say in times like these, but we want to keep our messages intentional and thoughtful. One of the most powerful ways to connect with your audience is when you value their time. You have lots of great information to give, but you may want to make it into a series of livestreams instead of one 10-minute long stream. Keeping it short has lots of advantages - you can remember what you are covering, there is less room for mistakes, and you have created value for your client in a short time. Focus on messages that bring us together as a community and show others that you care. Explain how things have changed in your company and how you are still available for your clients. Show them ways they can reach you. Stay away from being promotional material.  Keep it informative and inspiring.

To wrap things up, everyone in Aaramba has been taking things one day at a time. Our focus has shifted to animation, motion graphics, and remote editing. We are communicating with our team remotely and on a regular basis.  We remind ourselves that these hard times shall pass. If you need to get in touch with us, call us at 678-576-8373 or email


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