You have a lot to say about your business. It’s normal. You love what you do, so when someone asks you about your business, you could talk for a long time about every aspect. But a branding video is a short pitch, like an elevator speech, so you only need to include just enough to pique someone’s interest enough to reach out to you. That’s where having a great script comes in. Here’s what you need to know about your branding video. 

Know Your Why

Before you sit down to record your video, take some time to consider your why. This idea begins with your mission statement and company values, but it goes beyond that. Why did you decide to become involved in this business or industry? What drives you? What keeps you engaged and excited about the work you do? 

woman filming cooking branding video

Tell a Story

Use your “why” as a motivation to tell your story. With many potential brands to choose from, you need to create a narrative that helps you stand out from the competition. Storytelling is how we communicate, so adding your story into your branding video will help you connect to your potential customers. 

Speak Your Audience’s Language

It’s easy for many brands to want to show off their expertise by using specific terminology for their industry. When making a branding video, it’s important to remember your audience and use language that’s easiest for everyone to understand. 

Plan Images and Audio

Having a script also helps you create a storyboard to plan out the images, video, and audio that you want for your branding video. You may want to have yourself filmed to share the face of your company, or you can use a combination of photos and videos with a voice-over. Knowing your script will give you a template. 

branding video script example

Keep it Short

One of the most important reasons for using a script is to keep your video short. Experts agree that a brand video should be no more than 90 seconds, and 60 seconds is the sweet spot. Short, bite-sized pieces of information are much easier for viewers to retain.  

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