Two minutes isn’t a long time. You may be thinking that it can’t take very long to create a video that short. But there are so many moving parts in a 2-minute video that you’ll be surprised how long it really takes. Before you begin the process of creating a 2-minute business intro video, here are some of the time-consuming things you should consider.

Video Strategy and Prep

Before filming anything, your production team needs to determine the strategy. Preparation includes gathering research, interviewing you or your team, working on a script, and creating a schedule for the production.

Creative Development

While scriptwriting is also a part of creative production, there are other aspects. Your production team will put together a graphic storyboard to help you visualize the end-product. They will work on the branding, colors, music, and images you will need along with the video.


Next, you’ll need to take the project into pre-production. Here you’ll review all creative development, finalize the script, hire the cast and crew, scout location, and create the filming schedule.


Production is the part that most people think of when they consider having a video made. This is the actual filming. How you do this may depend on several factors. If you want to be the face of your business, you’ll be front and center. Other companies prefer hiring an actor or simply doing a voice-over.


Once filming is completed, your production team will edit the footage to create a cohesive one-to-two-minute video for your business. This will involve stitching together the video, other images, animation, and audio to make the final product. You will be able to consult with your team to ensure the video fits your expectations.

Total Investment of Time

When you look at all the aspects that make up video production, you can see this is a time-consuming process. It’s estimated that, together, these tasks can take as much as four to six weeks from start to finish.

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