According to Wyzowl, 42% of people say testimonial videos are effective because they showcase an actual person and help the viewer understand their story. According to Insivia, Video is a direct and persuasive medium; Viewers retain 95% of messages when they watch a video, and only 10% when reading it. When you create testimonial videos, be sure to make them sticky by following some simple steps. Testimonial videos gone wrong can ruin a company’s reputation. Here are three important things every testimonial video needs to attract great leads. 


1. Pick a Loyal Customer

Don't choose just anyone to represent your company; pick a loyal, repeat customer. You want to build trust and demonstrate authenticity,  so choose a customer who is extremely happy with you and your company. Pick a customer whose title is closest to your ideal  customer base.

The research from CXL Institute:

2. Tell the Story 

We’ve all seen the Dove commercials, and they’re memorable for a reason. The testimonials feel raw and unrehearsed. That’s what makes them stand out. They represent real women coming from all corners of life. Keep your story raw and simple. Don’t buy a testimonial. Talk to the interviewee ahead of time so they’re comfortable and natural when recording the testimonial. Provide an overview and share the questions you’ll be asking. You can also film the testimonials in the comfort of interviewee’s workplace or home, if possible. Speak candidly and let the camera roll.  Don’t forget to film B-Roll to add personality and authenticity to the video. 


3. Film a Series

According to BigCommerce, the regular use of testimonials can help businesses generate 62% more revenue from every customer, not just once, but every time they visit the site. When we visit Amazon to make a purchase, a customer typically reads 10 different reviews before buying the product. The same is true with video testimonials. Your company should have different testimonials highlighting the various aspects of your products and services. This gives your customer more opportunities to learn and understand your product. They feel you’re addressing their pain points and are educated and comfortable that your product is the solution. 


Once you’ve created your testimonial videos, be sure they’re visible and easy to find. Place them directly on your landing page. Call us to get more tips on testimonial videos.