When My eSTEAM Kits came to Aaramba about their goal in creating STEAM-based boxes for children, nobody convinced us more of their cause than Jahari Soward, the founder of My eSTEAMKits. With her expert knowledge in STEM-based careers, we soon learned about the lagging gap among young children in underprivileged situations. We felt honored that Jahari chose Aaramba to create a video in hopes of spreading the word on how My eSTEAM Kits would help bridge that gap in education.

In August of 2019, we spent an entire day of shooting with the team of My eSTEAM Kits, including Jahari. The shoot was held at two different locations. The first shoot was located in a room with multiple, towering windows that brought in an immense amount of natural lighting. We diffused the harsh light through a large reflector, which softly yet evenly lit the faces of the children, parents, and Jahari. The resulting footage we captured on our Panasonic GH5 Lumix and Canon Mark 5D II looked as if we had shot on much more expensive cameras. It was crisp and clear, relating to the cheerfulness of the kits themselves. The footage is something we were surely proud to show our client. Our crew was able to capture an immense amount of b-roll in the span of a few hours.

After that, we were able to sit down and personally interview Jahari Soward as well as capture professional headshots for her and her entire team. Jahari expressed her heartfelt passions about creating My eSTEAM Kits, a declaration that once again moved the hearts of both our crew and her own. Before we knew it, the day had ended. We packed our equipment and brought the footage back to our team of editors.

Our editors set to work right away, laying out the story and chipping away until the narrative took form. Piecing together the project was exciting from start to finish, yet the most enjoyable part was the logo animation. We took inspiration from the spiral graphic and pulled the logo into After Effects, ultimately making the spiral reveal with a spin motion.

The final result ended in a terrific branding video for My eSTEAM Kits to show their potential clients and use as a method for crowdfunding their campaign. We wish Jahari and her team the absolute best in their journey to bridge the gap in the education of STEAM subjects.