In August of 2019, we spent a few short days of shooting on location of Next Age Fitness in Atlanta. In this short time, our production team of Pouya and Mo gathered enough footage and pictures to encompass three videos, including the testimonial footage with Dr. Eldred Taylor and voice overs from Tammy Mealy herself. Both individuals were genuine pleasures to cooperate with and were quick to adapt to direction for our cameras.

Soon after, the footage was passed onto our post production team who generated cuts for Tammy. Graphics were created in Photoshop, and the logo was animated in After Effects, only taking a few short hours of work each. This additional graphics work as well as revising the cut per collaboration with our client, Tammy, added a professional and unique polish to the final videos.

After a few short weeks of editing, the videos were completed. It was a joy and pleasure to work with both Next Age Fitness’ employees and clients, and the final product surely shows the fruits of everyone’s labor! Be sure to check out the videos above.