What do you want the first impression of your company to be for prospective customers? Sure, you can have a well-designed website and active social media, but you may need more. According to Hubspot, a leader in online engagement, 57% of GenZ consumers prefer video content. The numbers are nearly identical for Millennials and Generation X. You might think Boomers don’t care, but 47% of them prefer video content over other types. This tells us that to attract your audience, whoever that may be, you need a robust video content presence. And the best place to start is your business intro video. 

Here is our step-by-step guide to help you decide what you need for your business intro video. 

Make it About the Customer

While your video should give your audience a snapshot of who you are, the ultimate message needs to target the consumer. You want your business intro video to answer a question or solve a problem the customer already has.

You can do this by: 

  • Telling a story
  • Evoking emotion 
  • Using humor
  • Choosing the right colors and graphics
  • Keep things moving

Incorporate Frequently Asked Questions

Since your video should answer the most pressing questions for your audience, incorporate some of your frequently asked questions. When you address consumer questions before they even have a chance to ask, they recognize you as an authority and will be glad to reach out to learn more or make a purchase. 

Draft Your Script

We’ve seen it happen many times. Companies come into the video session without a planned script. Many people think they can wing it because they know their business best. However, when that green light goes on, the eloquent thoughts can dissipate before a single word is uttered. The best way to convey your message is to plan and create a script to know what to say and to keep your time limit in mind. 

Create Your Call to Action

Your script always needs to include a call to action. Before creating your video, you need to determine the steps you want a potential customer to take after watching. Your call to action can be to visit your website and learn more, sign up for your mailing list, try a sample of the product, or whatever else gets your ideal audience to interact with your brand. 

Partner with a Professional

While there are so many avenues today to allow individuals and businesses to make their own videos, there are several reasons you should work with a professional. They include: 

  • Freeing up your time so you can focus on your business: making a video is time-consuming, and you have other things you need to do. 

  • Access to high-quality equipment: there is only so much a webcam can do. 

  • Understanding of lighting, image, and sound quality: all of these professional touches impress your audience. 

  • Post-production: editing is a skill that you don’t need to learn on the fly.

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