Knowing your budget will help you determine exactly how to create your video content. There are a wide range of prices depending on the company, the length, and the bells and whistles you want for your video. But it’s helpful to have a starting place so you can plan accordingly. Here are a few things to consider when planning your business intro video budget. 

Video Length

While your video may be only one or two minutes long, it takes a lot of time to create that content. The longer your video, the longer the production time. Most companies will charge a package price for a business intro video, but if you break that total cost down into hours, it can help you decide if it’s within your budget. 

Live action vs animation - Aaramba LLC

Live-Action or Animated

Will you be paying for a camera crew to film you or other individuals for the video? The alternative is animation, which can cost even more because of the art and design aspect of the project. If you choose to go with animation, work with a production company with this experience and resources for artists. 

The Crew Required

Filming a video will depend on several factors. How many people will be needed on set for the day of production? Some videos may only need one videographer, while more complicated videos will require more hands on deck. Each of those experts will be paid for their time regardless of how long the finished product is. 

Video shoot behind the scenes for Cool Moms Dance Too - Aaramba LLC

Your Location

In some cases, you may have to pay for a location. The video production company may even need to pull permits for permission to use a site. Or you can keep things simple and record them in your office or a public place. These choices may affect your budget. 

The Equipment You Need

Video production isn’t just about time or the crew. Every step of the process requires specialized equipment, from filming to editing. The cost of these things is baked into the final price. And the better your resources, the better the final product will be. 

Behind the Scenes Livestream PN Insurance Annual Meeting - Aaramba LLC

Production Time

Lastly, all of this is broken down into the time it takes to make the video. What may be only a two-minute business intro can take weeks to produce, from pre-production planning and scriptwriting to the filming itself. Once the filming is complete, experts edit the footage into your final polished product. 

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