You’re ready to create social media video content, but what next? How do you know what platforms are right for your business? Conventional advice suggests picking just a couple of platforms to focus on so you don’t spread your message, or yourself, too thin. Here are a few of the big players in the game, as well as some niche video content sites you may want to consider. 

Facebook logo


While Facebook is problematic in many ways, there are a lot of people on the platform. Reaching people where they already are is an integral part of your marketing strategy. The downside of Facebook is that you often have to pay extra to boost content to get enough people to view the video. However, if you are interested in live video, the platform offers an easy-to-use live feature. 

instagram logo


While Instagram was known for being social media for photo sharing, it’s recently incorporated more video into its platform. They offer an Instagram Live feature as well as the ability to upload short video clips or “reels.” Instagram was already prominent for visual brands, so this added layer only increases its usefulness for many companies. 

linkedin logo


The premier professional networking platform online, LinkedIn has had a lot of transformations over its lifetime. They have also recently launched a LinkedIn live broadcast option, but you have to apply. However, you can already upload video content. This is an excellent platform for business-to-business services or companies wanting to expand their employer brand. 

TikTok logo


Many people look at TikTok as a purely GenZ platform, but it’s becoming trendy for brands. TikTok offers a business subscription that will give companies access to more features, including analytics. These short videos are beginning to eclipse YouTube for popularity, and people are much more inclined to watch short-form content. 

twitch logo


Most people think of Twitch for live-streaming gamers. And that is the majority of what’s on the platform. However, businesses are starting to utilize it for a variety of reasons, including instructional video content. With Twitch, you reach a very specific demographic, but you can also share access with your audience. 

Clubhouse logo


One social media platform you may not know much about is Clubhouse. This is an invitation-only website, but it’s gaining in popularity. Here’s what makes it different from the other social media sites: it’s audio-only. While we encourage video content, it appears that some businesses are having success using this method to increase traffic and interaction. 

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